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Implications on overdrive of running low g/box oil

John Bonnett

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michael_charlton wrote:
It shouldnt have
The O/Drive has a lower casing than the gearbox so the majority of the time there is generally more oil in the O/D unit than the box.
The question should really be more directed to "would the low oil level have affected the box"............and I would doubt it

Thank you for your positive reply. For reasons I'll not go into I'm not worried about the box, my only concern is the well being of the overdrive so fingers crossed you are right.


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good chance it stopped wukkn as you went down a hill,!!!
and oil did not flow back into OD end, as its got to go over a wee hump to get thee.

Should be OK, but one never knows. Id be moer worried about the box.
an inch in the bottom,  by the time the gears have flung what thea is aboot, then there be no oil in sump bit.


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4545 wrote:
JOhn, didn't you have a new box fitted? Why is there a problem? I always found the overdrive a good indicator that I should add oil to my box when it stopped working :) :)

Yes Jason, it is a new box and it lost most of its oil on a 220 miles journey. I have a feeling that it was leaking as a spray from the overdrive.

Marcus, I'm sure you are right, the last bit of the journey was indeed downhill to our house so that explains that.

One odd thing I have noticed is that the overdrive solenoid is now only operating intermittently. The relay is clicking and I believe power is reaching the solenoid but have not confirmed that. Is there any mechanical rather than electrical reason why this should happen?

Thank you for your replies


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4545 wrote:
JOhn, it has to be the last job that took place has the responsibility. Therefore whoever removed and replaced the box didn't do it correctly, sounds like it needs to be redone.


You are quite right Jason and so far they seem to be accepting responsibility. The car was collected yesterday upon their instructions so, so so far, so good.

Here is a sad bit of video. Sad, because tomorrow we were due to take the car on a 2000 mile round trip to the Outer Isles. Sadly not this time but we do have the French holiday under the belt which was a fantastic experience.


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