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No.  Different input shaft and bellhousing.

Dependent on which Vitesse gearbox (1600 or 2L) you have, you may be able to mix and match parts between the Herald and Vitesse gearboxes, but be aware that it is more involved than just moving the overdrive from one to the other.

The easiest swap is to use a Spitfire (mks 1 - 4) OD gearbox and non-OD Vitesse propshaft.  The pick of those would be the Mk4 Spit one as it's a bit stronger and has synchro on 1st gear - a few even have J-type overdrive.  It is also possible to use a Spit 1500 / Dolomite 1500 OD gearbox but you'll need to change the clutch plate (gearbox has fine spline input shaft) and get a special propshaft made.


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1218 wrote:
Ah well the question was "will it fit", not "will it work"!  That is a whole different subject!   :-/
Picky, picky!   ;D

Seriously, though, I'd hate to just give an answer without explanation or caveat. For example, over the weekend I got an e-mail from someone who recently bought a Herald convertible. It's his first Triumph. He sent me a photo of one of the hubcaps on the car and asked: "Is this logo correct"? I could have answered "yes" and been done with it (in a nasty, sarcastic way). Instead, I answered "yes, but only for a Plymouth Valiant"!

To me, the same kind of "complete" answer should apply here. I'm not going to tell someone that a part can be made to fit if it's not likely to provide good service. I know that, for a number of years, the early Vitesse gearset was the "hot ticket" for racing Spitfires in the US, but that's mostly because a: it was a nice close-ratio gearset, and b: the "tall" 1st gear wasn't as big a deal with a modified engine in a car that didn't really spend much time starting from rest!

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