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Chassis Numbers


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Hello All

I bought 1500 spit to restore with log book stating chassis number as FH81857
The above chassis turned out to be crap so purchased another chassis with outrigger ID as FC358628

Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the following chassis numbers

Many Thanks

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The logbook number you are referring to is the comission number, as found on the plate in front of the passenger door.
The chassis's had a plate on them on th eoutrigger most have disappeared with time, but that number does not appear on the logbook anywhere.
best advice is to do nothing. just build the car up with the good chassis. Certainly do not mention a whiff of anything to swansea, they will want to give you a Q plate :'(

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The plate on the chassis is purely a tag for the purposes of the company that bult the chassis for Triumph, it has nothing to do with the commission number (FHxxx) and as Clive says, do not under any circumstances mention it anyone. In fact remove it or cover it in underseal so it is illegible.

It will be a source of immense grief if you do.

Trust us!



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