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Gearbox noises...


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For a few weeks the OD is playing up, need to clean the hydraulic oil ways as they are blocked by dirt.

Now today the gearbox started to make a bearing like noise in every gear exept 4th... 


I had read somewhere it could be the laygear bearings / shaft etc.

Just a year ago this gearbox was rebuild by me (re-used the old needle bearings).


Think its time to open it all up and put my spare gbox in the car..

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Unfortunately there doesnt appear to be any easy way to distinguish between a layshaft bearing or mainshaft tip bearing problem both of which are prone to failure and make noises in all gears except 4th. However either way a gearbox strip down is required to change them and even worse news is that both run on case hardened surfaces. This means that once the surface hardening is worn through the underlying metal is much softer and the bearing will deteriorate rapidly. If you dont stop this quickly enough theres then a risk of damaging other expensive components in the gearbox....... 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Last weekend swaped between boxes.. 

Front bearing again failed, has anyone got spare oil thrower ?

Mine is totally worn away.


Took the gearbox apart.. 

Nothing bad with the laygear etc (all looks like new)

Cleaned out the od from swarf and now works better to.

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