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windscreen frustration

lincoln imp 6

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Hi, Arranged to have the screen changed on my GT6 mk3 through the insurance --- Chaucers / Autowindscreens, because it was badly scratched and a toughened one, scratches by previous owners. The fitter removed it ok which was just as well because the new one was not deep enough, the label on it stated  SPITFIRE & underneath Gt6 mk1, 2, 3
Old screen refitted and now have to wait until next week. What is annoying is I live in Lincoln and Rimmers are listing them in stock, but Autowindscreens will only use their trade supplier ---in Birmingham I believe.
     Anybody else had this sort of thing happen?          John

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GT6 1 + 2 is the same as spit 1,2,3 and tr's. Mk3 GT6 same a spit IV/1500. That could explain the issue.

At least you old one is refitted, be worse if it were broken.

And the reason they will only use their trade supplier is that it is cheaper, and the insurers keep costs down. Though in this case you may be able to get them to sort it as their existing supplier is supplying incorrect screens. If it happens next time I would certainly be expecting them to nip down to Rimmers.

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Same thing happened to me. The screen the fitter brought was for a MK3 Spitfire not a MK3 GT6. Best thing is to ask for a Spitfire 1500 screen. No room for error then. The correct replacement screen arrived a few days later and the fitter put it in together with the chrome trim which hadn't been fitted before. So all ended very well.

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I heard a while back of someone that had a windscreen fitted 3 times (1 time by himself & 2 company's) and still not sitting right..
Seems the glass wasn't curved enough !
He found out there are 2 manufactures of the windscreens for his car ...

I believe he had a Spitfire 1500.

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