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Leaf spring eye bushes - help!?


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This morning I pushed out the original leaf spring eye bushes- what came out was the rubber bush with the metal insert. My question is: there is a metal sleeve in the spring eye- is this part of the bush and should be also removed? Or is it part of the spring and is meant to stay?
I left it in place and pushed in my new poly bushes. The poly bush extends out about 2cm past the eye now......   I so pissed off with bloody bushes now that I am temped to cut it off with a sharp blade! At this rate the car won't be back on the road until next summer!! 😆

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generally it can be shifted by having a good taper punch,
BUTT, the end needs to be needle sharp, this so it can get  ..between.. the two bit

and the taper will split the 2, some good hard waks, with it weel supported
keep wak,n till its gone all the way thru.

then can slit it,with a shafp chisel, or it may just pap oot freely wid a bigg drift

befoer fitting anything new in there, clean oot, de rust, an lube up


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Quoted from npanne
Have you been going at at all this time? Crikey, it must have been stuck fast!

Between madness at work, a baby and a dog, I've been grabbing an hour here and there to work on it. So it's painfully slow going! 😲
But yeah, it was near welded in there! I tried pushing out with the threaded bar method and ended up just stripping the threads off the bar. Bent a screw driver. Heated the eye up with a blow torch. Still no good. So ended up slowly cutting it out by hand.

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I got the other side done this morning and it all bolted back up! It was like slowly breaking out of prison- slowly cutting with a bare hacksaw blade and cursing alot!   A few blisters on my thumb and a slightly bent screwdriver and we were done!

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