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Recommended tyres for Stag


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I need to order tyres for the Stag......

Running the standard steel wheels (14'' I assume).

Whats the general opinion on the best size and make to suit the Stag.

Cheers for any advice and sorry if this has been posted 1000times already!!



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185/80X14 is the closest to original size, if you're in easy reach of Faversham Classics they have a good stock of Hankooks in this size.

Faversham have managed to secure a supply direct from Hankook as they are not supplying them to major tyre suppliers now through lack of demand!

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Hi, I have been running mine on a 185/70/14 Nexen, they have have been across europe twice with four adults and luggage for both Le Mans Classic and Spa Classic, are showing very little wear after approx 5,000 miles and give just a little more wheel arch clearance. The sat nav speed shows very similar to the speedo at 70 mph are so I'm not too worried about that either.



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yes, as have many others!  

Makes a massive improvement in my opinion due to the better tyre technology in a lower profile.

I have 15" Cosmics (see my blog for pics - and if you search back far enough, when I fitted them - link in signature below)

From memory I fitted either 195/65/15 or 195/60/15, very similar diameter to original 14", no error in speedo reading and drives 100 times better!

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Yes, I am on 15s :).

Despite what the naysayers say, my car rides and handles lovely on 15s.  Many of the issues I reckon are possibly down to poor quality alloys (unsprung weight can be a killer to comfort, my wheels are around as light as the original 14" wheels (possibly lighter)).  I run 205/60R15s.

With the above though I would say to ensure that the rear trailing arm bushes are either in good order, or preferably of the Superflex variety.  The same goes for the camber and rear tracking but you could argue that any Stag would drive better with those pointers seen to :).

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