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Has anyone used TR4 wheels on a saloon?

Have just been offered a swap of a set of these for my current TR6 wheels on my 2.5pi mk1. They are thinner, still 15", and I am thinking that they might not catch my wheelarch as much as the TR6 ones do when turning tightly.
I think I read somewhere that some of the works rally cars ran on TR4 wheels?

I also have no idea of whether it would be a fair swap or not, no idea what TR4 wheels are worth.

Many thanks in advance for any info,


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Yes, just the front tyres on wheel arch, during full or nearing full lock. Running on all mk1 suspension.

Guess the 65 instead of 60 must make the all important height difference, if others find TR6 wheels no problem.

Many thanks, Donald.

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Hi which TR6 wheels are they 5.5J or later 6J?

I have a TR4 with 6 X 15 running 195 65 15. On Tr4s the wheel actually touches the top wishbones on full lock (common problem) On the TR4 we just fitted larger stop locks and radioused the top wishbones.

I've got a set of TR6 wheels for the 2000 MK1 but not fitted them as yet. I believe TR4 wheels are 4.5 or 5j but I would think your problem is more tyre size or ride height or wheel offset?

Maybe go with 185s or 175s on a 65 profile and check that your current wheels definitely came off a TR6 with the correct offset?



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