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What are these wheels?

Nick Jackson (2)

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I need to get these wheels on Ebay but don't know what they are and how to describe them.    They're new alloys on a GT6 chassis and are informally known as 'slots' I think. They have new Yokohama tyres marked 175/70/R13/82H if that helps.

Can anyone properly identify them?


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I took one of the wheels off and inside it says:-

JAPAN 735-1  13 X 5.5  1976-27 [ then a stylised 'a' in a circle] Max Wheel Load 1080 LBS.   There's also a letter F nearer the stud holes on the inside.

Thanks to Smithy it looks like Cobras and Wolfrace slots can be ruled out, so what else could they be?

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