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GT6 Locking Wheel Nuts???


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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone out there has managed to fiind any locking wheels nuts to fit a GT6?
I've got a 1972 MkIII nearing the end of its restoration and we've just fitted a set of minilite replica alloys, which I think look great.
Anyhow, i've been searching round for a set of locking wheel nuts as my insurance claimed they were quite important, and to be fair i wanting to fit some for my own piece of mind anyway. I've tried Moss and Rimmers, Halfords and Motosave, and have been unsuccessful in finding any that would fit?
I'm hoping someone out there has had this problem and found a supplier.

Any advice would be very much appreciated,



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the car had the original gt6 wheels on it but they were in a terrible state, hence the minilite replica alloys.
The trouble i have is finding a set of locking nuts that will fit the old bolts on the car.

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