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removing Vitesse camshaft


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You will certainly have to take the head off in order to remove the followers.

However, I think that provided you remove the radiator and grill you should be able to remove the cam without taking engine out or bonnet off.  Not tried it myself mind..........

Why do you have to remove the cam?  (I didn't see the original thread)


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I bought an original nos camshaft for the car but turns out its a high lift cam which means the car doesnt run as well as it could on the original carb set up.  It idles (at a struggle) at 1000rpm.
The tuner I took the car to said I would really need to put triple webbers on to justify the cam but I am keeping the car original so I want to remove the cam and put in an original spec one.

Unfortunatley, the cam removed cannot be distinguished between a pile of other 6 cylinder camshafts on the garage shelves at Totally Triumph.

So I am looking for an new original (not reprofiled) cam.  Are these available?


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