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bob dunn

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sparky_spit wrote:
Payen gasket, ultra clean faces, and a light smear of blue Hylomar just around the oil feed hole for the rockers that goes through the head/block interface, on both sides of the gasket.

My techniques also - though I sometimes put the hylomar around the tappet chest area as well.


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Not wanting to dismiss the above,

Ive done that, and it still leaked oil out the front alot,

so last time it was off,thought I,d try some thing else,

..black silicon mastic.. went on the front, and at the oil hole at back,

no leaked yet   { any one stop  gasket silicone will do, ]

the gaskets witht the shiney gloss on them ,  is supposed to be a glue, that  melts when

engine gets hot, so sticking the gasket down, , so the manufacturer told me,

but it never seems to get hot enough to melt it,

and if it does, its only in places, and no  all over, , and where it sticks,

Its hard to get off,

I think the grease and oil info, came from the time when they were  all metal / copper

and this acted as a kind of seal

regards  Marcus

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