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Engine rebuilt Questions ...


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Hi overthere !

I'm in the process to resore my 66' Her, and was wondering if there is some tips on how to know how far n the engine rebuild I need to go ?

My engine is original and has approx 95K miles on the clock, smoke a bit, eat some oil (a pint every 300 miles, doesn't heat at all, rattle very shortly at stating.

I'm in the "Don't fix it if it is not broken" mood but as I will take the top off for the valves and change the exhaust manifold for a Spit MK2 one and mabe a single Weber (do someone know wich one ?) ..

How do you know if the low end needs to be renew ? how much work can I do in situ ?

thanks !

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Hi, sorry to see that you havent had any response but fraid this site now hasnt many participants, I think maybe theyve gone to the competition.

Anyway Im no expert on your engine but it is pretty similar to mine so its ok to rattle a little on start up but shouldnt smoke or drink oil.

If you're restoring the car why not do the engine properly? Of course it depends on your budget but if you keep the car long term (quite probable looking at your collection) you'll benefit and if you sell to do the next project it'll have more value.

With luck it will only need valve grind, new rings, crank bearings and seals with all those except the rear seal possible but awkward to do in situ. If the milage is correct and the engine untouched its definitely time for new bearings (at least bigends) and better to catch it before they damage the crank....


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