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Spitfire FD engine question


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A good friend of mine is looking at buying a mk3 Spitfire that has a GK herald 13/60 engine fitted. It does have the Spitfire twin SUs.

1. Is this a negative on its value
2. How easy is it to get a Spitfire mk3 engine or block
3. This engine number is GK***LESS. What does the LESS mean...low compression?

He is looking to get the car back to original specification and also obtain an overdrive box.

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FD has small bearing crank, GK large bearing (not as revvy and saps a tuny bit of power)

Head slightly different, lower compression, and valves held in differently

Cam is different, the spit mk3 one is very good.

Availability of FD engines? guess they will turn up, not like they used to though. Or get a small bearing GE engine, and get he block decked....

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GK = late Herald 13/60.  As Clive says this is the later large crank 1300 which is more like the FH MkIV Spit engine.

LE usually means low compression
SS usually means service spare, so it was a factory exchange replacement at some point.

Of course, the block could have been used as the donor for another rebuild at some point so there is no knowing what it's spec really is without looking inside it.  However, driving it should show whether it runs and pulls well.

Not necessarily a reason to walk away from an otherwise good car, but the price should reflect the incorrect engine.  The FD is the best of the 1300s in standard form.

It's still possible to find FD engines though they are often well worn.  The Herald GE series is a good start point for building something up to the correct small crank spec as they are often less worn.


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