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I've recently splashed out a bit of money on getting my carbs cleaned out and had new jets put onto it, I had to wedge the choke cable in for it to work as well as I could but now even when I wedge it the car isn't starting now and I think the carbs are the originals which have done 98000 miles, so I think I may need new ones. Where's the best/cheapest place to buy either new or reconditioned Carbs?

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New carbs will cost you a lot of money. I'd persevere with your existing carbs. They must be unbalanced if they've been taken off and cleaned so you need to balance them.

Slacken the throttle linkage and using the throttle stop screws, get the car to tick over and stick a gizmo ( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dell.....;hash=item43ae0b79ef ) in to each of the carbs and match up the readings, or you can use a tube to listen for a hiss that sounds the same for both carbs. Tighten up the linkage. Then do the same for the choke linkage. Mixture needs resetting also.

I appreciate this might seem complicated but you would have to do this to new/recon cabs anyway. It might have been suggested to before but visit your local area group and explain the problem...you will be offered help I'm sure.

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