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Clutch master cylinder


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Rebuilt the clutch master cylinder a couple of years ago. Piston and bore looked good and it has worked fine untill today. The fluid has gone darker is leaking a little and sometimes you need to pump the pedal to engage gears.

I am happy to rebuild or replace but am getting tired of replacing sub standard parts on a frequent basis. Is there anywhere where you can get good quality seal kits or master cylinder ideally Girling OEM or equivilant. Cost not really important just want it to last 10 years not 2!


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Did you rebuild the slave cylinder at the same time as the master? If not, you're stuck in a cycle of cross contamination. You fit the new seals, pump through fresh fluid and believe all is well. Residue from the failed seals will have contaminated the old fluid, leaving traces on and around the undisturbed seal. In addition to attacking the seal itself, your new fluid will be contaminated.

Two years is about what expect from a partial system rebuild. The only surprise is that the slave hasn't failed ahead of the new master cylinder seals,


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If you fit a land rover one then don't brim it. If you do then any time you face downhill or use the brakes it'll leak. For this reason (the lower capacity) I'd never use one for the brakes

I've got a 5/8 land rover one on my herald and the slave on the mazda gearbox is the same bore as the triumph. Biting point is high, very sharp and is practically "on-off". I'm fine with it, others may not be.

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Thanks for the info about land rover part do you mean the one with part no 550732G. Will the change in bore size move the bitting point up or down as my bite point is low anyway.
  Only did a partial rebuild of system and slave was about 2 years old. Slave still ok but from Bills comments which seem to mirror what has happened I should now change master and slave. Is there an equivalent OEM part the land rover ones look like they might fit but i dont know bore size etc to check.

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