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daver clasper

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Be careful, cheap oil is normally cheap for a reason and ends up costing you more in the long run. Stick with something you know to be good unless it's something on its last legs which you don't care if it dies.

I'm currently researching the below oil as all I can get around here is Comma branded stuff and I'm not a huge fan of their engine oils, ie, wilko, halfords, etc...

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BGH who build rather tasty gearboxes for competition/kitcars etc recommend the Comma 75-90 GL4 semi synthetic. I bought some for my T9 box, but suspect it would be more than happy in the diff too (now my diff holds oil again!)

I know there are some very good gear oils out there, but I have always bought the comma ep80-90GL4 stuff, usually in 5L tubs......

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Errr no really, the info is olde stuff, that just is being re gurgitated.
the OE GL 5 stuff did this, but it eat stuff away.
the boffins got at it, and its OK.
BUTT no for G Boxes, as its tooo slippy, so syncro rings will go.
there was / is also a GL6, but info says its obsolete, true, just its no been tested to modern standards due to its limited use.
as it were meant for a 425 / 385 HP front wheel  chain drive Toronado

Me sell, I use the 80/140 stuff, its thinner when cold, but thickens up when hot like a multi grade oil.

Note, gear oils are rated diff to engine oils,
a 20W engine oil is v v similar in thickyness as a 90W ger oil.

AND change it regulary if ye want yer diffs to work ok

tek a hot gear oil oot and its like v v thin pish,
thats why I like some thing thicker when yer diff oil can get to 150 degs as mine has been measured after a long blast.


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