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how much oil in gearbox?


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D'Type has solenoid held in by two small screws 10/32UNF on Drivers side.
J'Type has a screw in solenoid 1" AF on Passenger side.

Also both O/D's have a plate on them labelled with the model.

Rule of thumb 3 rail box D' Type, single rail box J' Type.    
(although some 3 rail boxs have been converted to J' Type)

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it desnt matter what type you have,  you fill both to the level filler on the off  side of the gearbox,
there is only the one level filler ,
you can drain the OD but its filled via the gearbox
make sure you get EP80/90 GL4 spec oil  not GL5

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2456 wrote:
when it starts pouring out again it tends to be full i think, if over filled it takes quite a while to drain out the excces.

so it's bad to overfill?...the Halfords stuff comes with the little pipe attached but still a pain to do....i'm just going upto the hole i expect

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i nermally end up filling it too much because i use a hole in the gearbox tunnel and cant see what im doing.

if its over filled just let the excess drain out. can take surprisingly long. when it stops dribling out. its at the right level.


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