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ok will give it another go tomorrow, colin if i take the dizzy out do i have to take the drive out as well and if so how do i do that?
this spitfire is driving me crazy really don`t want to take the engine out again,matches and petrol is next thing :)

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Take the dizzy off, Line up the drive gear slot to somewhere you can replicate (vertical or horizontal) and then remove the drive with long pliers. Twist and pull out in one easy movement.


I have used a de-cogged PI dizzy drive as it is a lot longer!

If not make a tool to fit the slot that also goes into the drill.

Anti-clockwise as fast as possible. Drill will slow down a lot when the pump starts pumping. My Pi took about 5 mins before it loaded up.

You could also squirt oil into the releif valve hole. Anything to get some oil into the pump to help it prime.



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