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A very little water in Lots of Oil???


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The spitfires still cocooned up in the barn, so it's David Brown again....

Now that I've got it running and since we've recently purchased a hydraulic wood splitter, which I intend to connect to the DB whilst the trailer full of wood is on the other tractor it's time to turn my attention to the gearbox/hydraulic/axle oil.

I've now drained it out and it had an unbelievable amount of water in it (from years of sitting outside). I am of course going to clean out as much as I can (dismantle and flush pipes, change filters ect) but it's going to be impossible to get every last trace of wet oil out.

The question is, given that it takes something like 22 Litres, how much difference is the little moisture that is left going to make. I'm hoping the answer is none at all but I'dd hate to put £70 worth of oil in the thing only for it to emulsify the first time I start up...

Short of flushing out with a load of fresh oil, at significant expence I can't think of any other way to get the rest of the emulsified oil out? Any Suggestions?

Will post pics once I have retrieved them from the Camera.

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olib, bit reluctant on the chemical front, I could flush it with diesel but that's not recommended

G. That's sounds like it might be a plan, I've got 20 litres of it (a couple of litres ended up on the floor.....) I'll see how it looks this evening.

If it's OK I can put the sump plugs back in fill it with about 10 Lt's and drain it again...

If I was really keen, I could fill it up to somewhere near full and run it to pump the oil around Sure I have some old engine oil kicking around that I could strain and use as well.....

It's so mad it might just work.........

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