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Oil loss from OD unit...


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I was just under the car with the front wheels on ramps - ie/ the car was on an incline - and I noticed a drip from the rear of the overdrive unit.  The car was up for maybe 10 to 15 minutes, in which time it lost about a small 'saucerful' of oil.

Since taking the car off the ramp, it hasn't dropped any oil what-so-ever.  Obviously not ideal, but how 'normal' is this?  

Do I need to do any emergency surgery?

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Do you know / know of Bob Anderson - he's based over in Adelaide apparently and is the man for Triumph gearboxes and overdrive units apparently.

I've got his mobile number if you need it - PM me.


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rear oil seal is knacked, pretty common, and oil is only forced down the mainshaft to the back of the annulus when the oil pump is running.

Dead easy to change, just take off the mounting and jack up the box until clear of the transmission tunnel with prop disconnected.

Undo castellated nut by removing split pin+blocking the engine front pulley when in gear, and don't wreck the soft thread, cos the nut is special and unique to the D type OD. take off flange..
Lever out old seal and replace, replace drive flange and retighten same way.

(I'm a bad boy, have done this by starting the engine locking the nut with a drive and gently letting the clutch in,- German mechanics went APE   :o when they saw me use that technique !! don't try to copy me!)  ;D

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