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Carb identification on Spitfire 2500


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my car is a spitfire running the 2.5 straight 6 and i am trying to get her all setup properly but i need to work out what carbs i actually have fitted sadly the car seems to be made from about 400 others so can get confusing at times
the metal tags on the carbs read
AUD678R on the front one
FZX1263R on the rear one
Any help would be massively appreciated

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Hello Vraksianrebel,

you have the front carburettor of a 1975 2500 TC and the rear carburettor off a 1976 2500 TC.

The only parts that differ between the two are the jets, AUD 9106 for the front and LZX 1120 for the rear, what practical differences in those I don't know? Ring Burlen services and they should be able to tell you.  P.S., the rear should be a capstat jet, but it's possible that it has been changed anyway?


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The float bowls may be 'staggered' slightly, to allow for the rearward slope of the engine alignment in the saloon(IIRC?)
Float chambers should have a part number clearly evident- again Burlen will be able to identify- or i can look when i get home?

Check the current needles- they should have a legend on the side- easy to check.
The piston spring can be checked for length when removed, this makes a difference as well.

Is there an engine number for reference too?
You appear to have 2500TC derived carbs, is it a 2500TC engine on the correct manifold or are these HS6 carbs bolted onto the GT6 manifold on a 2 litre engine?

Trying to get it set-up properly implies it might not be at the mo- are you thinking the carbs are mal-adjusted or in a worn state of tune?  :)

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yeah the engine is from a 2500tc and the manifold is a 2500 one as far as i know,
at present the carbs are in a worn state i suspect, the rebuild kit is on the way so hopefully that will help.
thanks for the help after chatting to burden i think we have all the correct parts ordered to get the carbs matched up properly

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