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Broke the carb.... HELP!!!

Paul TVR

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Any idea's where I can get a Stromberg for my dad's 1965 Vitesse 6?

I'm trying to put the car back together as a surprise for Christmas day, its been a long job but almost finished, until today it wouldn't run, I stripped one carb and it was full crap, the other I struggled to losen the 5/8 jet at the bottom, in the end i decided to just clean what i could and assemble, only when i tried to tighten it back up the bottom snapped off. It looks like its been cross threaded at some stage, now i'm unable to adjust the carb so it will run nicely.

I'm in SE London so could be a trip to Quiller, but last time I went there my wallet took a hammering and because this is being done as a present I'm trying not to spend a fortune.


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try the carburettor exchange in Leighton   Buzzard


they seel complete or genuine parts  often cheaply  

assuming they are factory fittted cd150 and not an aftermarket kit to convert from solex to CD125

you can use any base CD150 body, just need to be sure you have the same choke, there's the starting valve type on the side of the body or what  I call the thames barrier type which raises a ramp inside the throat
obviously best to keep the pair matched .


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