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New engine.
Beginning to wish I had stuck with the old, worn one, I've had so many problems.
Untouched, used O/d gearbox, with same clutch master.
New clutch and cover.
But I can't engage gear - the clutch doesn't release.
It's not a frozen clutch plate - I can force into gear, but the clutch drags.
The master is moving the clutch release arm to its full extent.

Before I pull the engine and gear box, any ideas?
I didn't use the OE flywheel.  Could that be too far forward on the end of the crankshaft?
Release arm bent??
Release arm pivot too short???? (Can't be, surely?)


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When I changed my gearbox I reused the old clutch as it was more than fine.
I put new pins and bronze bushes along with a new reliease bearing.
The pedal was very low down and the clutch dragged but everything looked like it was moving by the correct amounts
I had also re sealed both master and slave.
Everything was new !
I don't quite know how or why it fixed its self
But I unbolted the slave cylinder, I then pumped the foot pedal until the slave piston was pushed out to the circlip. I then bled it again even though no air came out.
I then refitted the slave cylinder and as I pulled the bolts tight It would have forced the slave piston back. Once it was all tightens up the pedal is spot on.

For 5 min work worth a try

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Hello John,

in an ideal mechanical world, if you look at the angle between the slave cylinder and the release arm, at half travel it will be 90 degrees, i.e., at rest it should be greater than 90 degrees and fully depressed it should be less than 90 degrees.  If at rest it is less than 90 degrees then the thrust bearing is too far forward. i.e getting back to your question of the flywheel being too far forward.


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