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aeroquip clutch hose fittings

alan pettit

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I have an aerquip type clutch line bought from wins . it is in 3 parts ,the main hose plus 2 removable ends which screw into each end of the hose and then into the master/slave cylinders. just regarding copper washers do i just fit them at the end of each set up ie beteween the face of the cylinders and the end part of the hose or should i fit them between the 2 link sections as well?
just me being dopey as usual thanks

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heraldcoupe wrote:
No idea how your connectors are intended to work, but I'm intrigued why you're using a flexible hose in place of the original rigid pipe. Or is this on something other than your 13/60 or Spitfire?


flexible hose is used so when you remove the gearbox you just unbolt the slave cylinder without the need to disconnect it from the hydraulics.

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