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Steve P

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Help needed please...

I have bought a 123 tune (usb) distributor for my car as the one in there is all wrong for the engine and i was wondering if there are standard maps available anywhere for different setup just to get the ball rolling.

It came with 2 maps installed but i have no idea if they will work.

I can install it and probably get it running,i`m competent with a laptop but have no idea about vacuum and settings etc.

Engine is 2.5 with ported and flowed head,matching inlet flowed to head and fitted with twin HS6.
Mike Randall 6-3-1,TR5 cam.Compression ration is 10:1

It made 172 bhp on a rolling road when installed a couple of years ago.

If anyone could offer any advice it would be appreciated.

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This is the ignition map from my PI.  It's an Megasquirt map so gives total advance only (whereas I think 123-Tune shows separate curves for mechanical and vacuum). However, the top line (100 mBar line) effectively shows the mechanical advance and with a bit of cunning and an excel spreadsheet you can probably extract a vacuum curve of sorts, though I don't think the 123-Tune allows the same degree of flexibility.


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