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Alternator BBClassics


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I am looking at getting a new alternator for the 6 and while cruising Ebay came across these alternators from Bad Boy Classics.
Now I will assume that they are most likely a 3rd world made copy of a Lucas 18 unit which will be fine as long as they have a good reputation.
Using Youshop I can land one in NZ for under $200.
Does anyone have any experience of this company and these alternators?

Happy new year



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I have purchased their Halogen conversions for a couple of my 2000's

Pretty good quality for the price.

Some other Stuff they sell is lower quality I think. Not tried one of the alternators.

An A127 also fits, and if you are not as concerned by looks, there is one from a Kubota mini digger (I think) that fits. Might be able to source one of those in NZ

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