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I'm I right in thinking that I can just fit the dizzy as it falls, then set the engine to TDC and look at the rota arm to see what plug lead it lines up with and make that number 1 and fit the other plug leads in order

Please confirm :-
1) Timing Mark on TDC and number 1 rocker rocking = TDC and number 1 firing
2) what's the firing order for 2.5
3) spinning the engine without plugs, is it ok to do this to get the oil up or should I spin the dizzy drive before I fit the dizzy. It's a refurbed engine and it is its first start up

As usual, cheers chaps, with luck I'll be up and running tomorrow  :)

Ignition live feed goes on the + or - on the coil

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Dave, you are on the right track for setting plug leads, line up for #1 firing and fit leads from there. I'll be honest and admit that this is the only method I use now, since my last Spitfire which had it's dizzy out of alignment and caused me no end of trouble getting it running after I had the head off!! My only note of caution is make a note of what you have done!! My PO had also given me the manuals for the spitfire, in which it gave me the "official" order of leads, and also the PO's order, both of which were wrong!!

And that was only 4 cylinders, I dread to think what would happen with 6.

Fraid my knowledge is not certain enough to advise on the rest.



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Recently put my 2500 back together after shaft grind rings and bearings.
Ground the head of a bolt to fit the profile of oil pump drive and used a battery drill to get up oil pressure. Ran it backwards. Good thing I did as oil filter spin on adaptor was not sealing. Oil everywhere but at least I knew I had oil to the bearings. :)
Firing order viewed anti clockwise from to of dizzy.....153624. Ignition feed to + dizzy to - on coil.
Hope this helps.

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you need 1 -2 rockers with clearance and 11 -12 rocking  ( 1 going down one coming up)  or your not on compressionn stroke

old trick is stick thumb over no1 plug hole and turn engine slowly, when you feel air passing thumb turn up to TDC then look at rotor pointing

all 6 are 15 36 24      anti clockwise   dizzy   old rule to remember .... too young / too old  / just right    Hmmm !!!  


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