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Sacre Bleu!

Alan Armstrong

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Thanks to all I met at the NEC this weekend, looking at fully built cars and talkingb to those that know was extremely helpful.

HOWEVER,,,now coming to the end of electrical investigations on my Herald, I came across thwe greatest no no of all.

Having identified all under the bonnet wiring, I was still missing a wire from the ignition to the coil. This i identified as a white wire which passes through the flasher unit.

Having found both whites (1 in to the flasher and 1 out) thw white wire to the coil dissappeared ! After cutting into more underbonnet loom, I filnd a bullet connector from the missing libve white wire onto a BLACK wire!!! What a plonker...any colour but black!!

I feel relieved I found it before earthing the blacks and adding a battery!

Once my new stock of bullets and connectors arrive, I can make sure all circuits are safe and not going to short out, I will add a battery and move onto re-assembling the engine to re-commission a start up (comp test first)....

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Yes for any vehicle with unknown wiring before power up its best to test the battery connections to earth with a multimeter while operating every possible switch (especially ignition switch all positions) and circuit. Even then some circuits powered by relays, such as starter, OD  or cooling fan will not have been proved so should be tested separately...

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