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Engine oil change periods, for gentle driving and low annual mileage?

daver clasper

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Hi. I know that service schedules, say to change oil after a certain length time (6 months for my Vitesse I recall?) regardless of mileage.

I'm interested to know why this would be so necessary, for my driving situation?.

I do around a 1000 miles per year, of mainly longer distances and not thraping it at all.

I intend to keep the car indefinitely though the total likely mileage I will do, will still be relatively low, so any wear will not be maybe too crucial, I assume?

What harm to the engine could this maybe do (and how and why?), if the oil was changed, say every two years and approx 2000 miles.

Genuinely interested (as well as not wanting, to throw money away unnecessarily).

Thanks, Dave 

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I know oil technology has improved a lot since the manual was written so maybe back in the day the oil started to deteriorate (oxidised, moisture, chemical breakdown) after even just a few drives. Once contaminated the process continues even if not driven more so the oil needs to be changed...

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