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Herlad 1200 Carpets


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Hi all,

I'm getting to the stage when I need to think about replacing the carpets in the 1200 Hearld. I'm sure their are plenty of you in Triumph land that have already done this.

I was hoping for a few pointers on the best palce buy them, how to fit them and other parts I need, the usual advive for a novice restorer.


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I can recommend the Moulded Carpets from Newton Commercial, they are not the cheapest out there but will fit properly and last!

For the best deal get them from one of the Triumph traders, i.e. Canley Classics, James Paddock, T.D.Fitchetts, etc.

I fitted them to my Vitesse in 2006 and they still look good as new now :)

You will need to remove the front seats and some of the trim boards in the front footwell.

I would also recommend a rub down, rust proof and re-paint of the floor before fitting them and make sure you have no water leaks into the interior via faulty window or door seals?

I fitted additional Sound deadening & Underfelt to my car before fitting the carpets to try and make things a bit quieter?



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Cut ,bound and stitched are the  cheaper  option , fit is a compromise as the mats made flat,  but unless you glue and screw them down they will ruck up with use and can end up a mess,

felt backed hot moulded carpet it more expensive but replicates the original has a better pile and will look the part for years

its down to price and preference,  some price clues   but cetainly  shop around  

prices    moulded    Newton C  219    TSSC  206  Rimmer  252

stiched rimmer 158


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