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My TR7 just failed its MOT on emissions today.  Way off the scale apparently  :B

I know having had them part stripped last year that certain components in them were pretty worn out.  To the extent that it has to be setup to run richer and idle faster to stop it from stalling.

Mechanic suggested getting a carb overhaul kit which can really improve them.

Any idea if this is the route to go down? The Rimmers kit is £80 which was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but then I may be being naive.  

Anyone know of any otehr places/parts worth exploring?


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if the throttle spindles are worn you can get an insert. You will have to drill out the holes and put in the inserts. I would suggest getting someone to do this as you should NOT drill all the way through but from each side seperately. Problem is you need to make sure the holes are inline.


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