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vitesse 1600 herald chassis


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hi have a very good 1966 herald rolling chassis with rebuilt brakes and suspension  disc brakes fitted. my plan is to remove the body from my 1600 vitesse onto the herald chassis ,what parts will i need to swop  obviously will be fitting the 1600 engine non overdrive box i believe the diff and rear spring are the same input welcome please.the vitesse is a 1965 

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Quoted from glang-

Are the suspension springs and brakes the same for a Herald (12/50?) as the 1600 Vitesse?

I thought at least the front springs would be different and that the brakes changed from type 12 to 14...

the front brakes are type 12 on the 1600 , front springs slightly uprated rear the same , have welded the bonnet and rad fittings on not .sure if the diff is the same though .

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The diff on the 1600 has small input flange (same as herald) but the larger output flanges. Worth noting bot have the small size shafts in the diff, so weak. (unless one has ben fitted with a later diff)

The rear brakes are larger on the vitesse as well. (I ran my 2.5 vitesse with herald rear drums, but large bore slave cylinders. No issues at all, rear brakes would lock up fine if the pedal was prodded hard)

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