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Squeezing power


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The job of the fuel pump is simply to supply components with fuel, so it never increases power but what you're supplying may. In your case, it only has to ensure the float bowls don't run dry. If you give them more fuel than they need, it'll just pour onto the floor  

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No, there is no benefit at all in fitting an electric pump either as a replacement or an addition, unless your mechanical pump is faulty. Even then, refurbishing or replacing the mechanical pump may well be the better option. My Vitesse is now back to mechanical because the electric pump couldn't deliver enough fuel to maintain 70mph. There have been recent threads both on here and another club's forum from people whose (high quality and expensive) electric pumps weren't able to deliver enough fuel.

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You do not need an electric pump on a Spitfire with standard set up of SU`s etc

We have blatted around auto-solo`s and various other speed events (Cadwell etc) and all around Europe without any fuel starvation ,using mechanical pumps.

If you are looking for power, then you have to start with all the basics, eg carb needles,intake,exhaust,cam,vernier timing ad en finitum ...you can keep going on with various things....lightened and balanced cranks,flywheel , con rods etc etc.

You need to start asking questions and reading manuals on such a topic

There are numerous experienced members , on such matters,within the club that you should really consider joining     

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