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Souvenir 10CR2005


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What would people like as a souvenir of their 10CR2005 ??)

Nothing unsavoury please :o

Bear in mind that the entry fee of £50 is covering 3 Michelin road atlas, fantastic car stickers and any other incidental expenses so there isn't alot left over :'( This is of course consistent with the aim of keeping costs as low as possible.

So some thoughts

Polo shirts - probably too much at £15 each, that's £30 for a crew of 2 and the maps have cost over £20 :o

T shirts - cheaper so possible

Brass plaque - maybe but I for one don't like sticking them on the car anyway.

Tankards - too much, especially if engraved with individual names and too much hassle to sort out and post - Tim B will confirm :'(

Engraved glasses? Just with 10CR2005 - may be affordable

Nice car sticker - no problem on the cost front but is it what we want?

Ok - over to you for some more ideas.

No souvenir is an option too!

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Yay! Glasses sound good, although actually I had thought about suggesting earlier that if someone has a suitable (preferably Digital, I should think) camcorder we could make up a DVD of the run, give a copy to each team and then sell some more thru the club.

Just a thought :D

Edit: also www.crystalnet.co.uk seems to have some passable offers on glass wear Engraved Whisky Glasses at £5.95 each or some small glass tankards (just to combine themes :D) at £6.40 each or £6.10 each per 100.

Hope that is of some help to somebody :D

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See this is why I thought a rallylike plaque would be good - even if it were just to go in the back window (for those that have back windows!) I know the problem was attaching them - but how about some sticky pads on them? That way some can cable tie them on - some can use sticky pads.

Polo shirt - we should buy those separate I think - they're going to be fantastic! Trust me!

And who needs any more souvenirs than the memories!?

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I was under the impression we were buying the polo-shirts seperately anyway. Is there news on design? or, is this a secret? These will be a great souvenir  which could be worn to promote the club when we stand around all day in fields at classic car shows; - this seems a sensible idea. What do you think Mr Bancroft ?

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I wasn't sure what had happened with the polo shirts - mind you that's a great thing about the 10CR, sometimes things just happen!

I think we'll be looking into engraved glasses - engraved as in "10CR2005" only, not with names of entrants.

Now, where do I start with something like that :-/

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So top secret even the organiser doesnt know about them...

(at this moment even I don't know >fully< about them!)

They'll be in one colour only...

You will get a hint once I've redone the website...

Patience... patience...

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Do not bother about Tankards etc. THe RBRR has the monopoly on these- I know this cos I am still sending the things out at pres! If you do -please don't- speak to Potters Bar Trophies-they know the Club and do all the Club trophy work- engraving and the like.

Go for the Polo Shirts- I'm sure no one would mind shelling out more dough for one- make sure they are a quality item- Greeks was clever with the 2003 design - it was a bit Hackett like- they seem to last well as Ellis and AJP still wear theirs(PHEW!)- get to the shops chaps and buy some clothing.

We must be careful that we do not turn into a regalia type car club (Yes I know that Mel Evans our Club shop keeper does a nice line in CT regalia- however it is tasteful) let the TSSC have this market( When are they gonna do TSSC burbery caps)- reckon we should sell CT branded Webers!

James- Are you thinking about Rally Plates if so Steve Waddinghams mate does those- I know you have approached him about the car stickers. I have two from the Aston Martin Works Car Club Kathy Peach Memorial Car Run event- very good they are too.


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I'll think this over.

But I feel I would like a souvenir.

maybe I'lll just buy the polo shirt plus there'll be lots ofmphotos and videos - which reminds me, i have some from the White Tornado crew re 10Cr2003 that I need to share somehow. I reckon James will be the man for this.

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I am thinking rally plates - I still think they solve our problems...

You can't keep stickers - but you can keep plates - and I don't see why we can't stick on plates with little sticky pads... no different to stickers then!

Plates can also be taken on and off - so you can put them on when going to shows - and take them off and keep them on your mantle piece...

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