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Electrical grease

daver clasper

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I saw this question somewhere else and this is the gist of my response to that.

If you want to protect an electrical connection that is being bolted up tight, battery/accumulator earth connection for example or the main terminal connections, they do not need to be particularly protected by any special grease.  Personally, as I have done since I started with cars in 1960 based on advise from our father who was motoring pre WW2, I simply like to have a small tub of vaseline kicking around to protect exposed electrical joints with a thin smear - and even protected ones such as the inside distributors etc.  And is what I have used with general electronic connections and often an electronic parts manufacturer with supply a small squeezy tube of similar for the purpose.

On the heavy duty connections I personally can see nothing wrong in using ordinary grease or even copper grease to protect an exposed surface which should mostly be squeezed out of tightly bolted joints anyway. 

However in an electronic connection carrying a small current it is not a good thing to use heavy duty grease (hence my use of vaseline to protect) though of course proper grease supplied for electronic purposes is fine.


Oh and no silly comments please about using vaseline to lubricate shafts ......... though the young and innocent may not understand 😲




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Quoted from Richard B-

I use a small tub of "No-Corrode", used to be sold by Holts, but I think is Duratec now. 

Works wonders on bullet connections.

Yes now that is something I had overlooked so thanks for mentioning that as well Richard.  I have a small tube of that kicking around as well and good on battery terminals because of its corrosion resistant properties. 


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