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Differential bushes


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I'm not sure why the front diff mount rubber bushes would be thicker than polyurethane ones, unless, as JJ says, the rubber ones squish down to the same thickness as the poly ones. Of course, if the rubber ones have soaked up oil then they may have swelled. You want to get this bit right, or else the diff will run at a different angle than before and could cause props haft issues.

Yes, you can also get rear diff bushes in urethane. Make sure you get the original rubber bushes' outer metal sleeves out of the diff asking though, or you'll never get the urethane ones in!

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They're all the same size, as far as I know - here's a photo of some I bought a few years ago compared to the old rubber one which came off. Even so, you can't sell replacement mountings made to the size the old one eventually compresses to... how many front lower mountings were there? There should be two, but possibly the seller sent four, two extra to bolster the top ones up to the correct size?

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