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clutch pedal length of travel


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hi all
i have a 1970 13/60 i bought 6 weeks ago to get back on the road after 20 years since its last mot,
i have a strange clutch issue that maybe some one out there can help out with
after getting her running the car would not go into gear ,
i managed to free the stuck clutch but still the same, i had already changed the old clutch slave cylinder which had siezed and had a small 1/4 inch socket inside for a new slave cyl  , new clutch master cyl rubbers , new fluid and bled the system , good pressure , still same problem , seems like not enough pedal travel to disengage clutch , (hence the 1/4 inch socket by prev owner)  pedal will not go right to the floor , stops about 2 inches from floor but when the slave bleed nipple is opened it goes right down to floor , so its a mechanical issue , checked all poss issues , clevis pin wear , pivot pin , pulled out gearbox checked out thrust bearing/carrier/pivot pin all good pulled off clutch to check its not in back to front all appears ok and in good shape although dont appear to be original , but have hit a brick wall now
looking at rimmers the clutch cover looks different/thicker than mine (which is 40mm high) can anyone confirm the thickess/height of the standard cover ?
i am thinking maybe wrong clutch cover , it is as if the clutch cover needs to be thicker/higher as there is approx 1 1/2 inch free play on the thrust bearing pivot arm before the bearing touches the clutch cover diaphragm and when the slave cyl is fitted it bottoms out on the circlip so not completley disengaging
i could put it all back complete with 1/4 inch socket/distance piece as last resort ,but that is not how i do things
any help greatly appreciated

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certainly sounds like the cover is thin/ low fingers or thin throwout bearing,   the socket spacer is telling you its been hybrid for a while

are there any identifying marks on the cover ??  ,,  maybe  a photo of the offender

throw out are common across the range, 1200-13/60  the WSM gives cover dimensions for coil cover but not for diaphragm covers  !!!  

there are many clutch covers available in you dia and fitting but can vary in cover design and finger heights My guess its you have a rogue fitted


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thanks guys
spoke to nice guy at canleys this morning he said check crank end float probably dropped a thrust washers , low and behold 1/4 inch movement at flywheel , all makes sense now , clutch cover is fine 39/40 mm in hieght , so its sump off time!!

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Quoted from Pete Lewis
if the faces are OK,  but the wear has removed the lugs on the bearing cap you can with care  build some weld to re fettle some retaining lugs


KD did that on my Herald engine after it dropped the thrust washers on my way to work one day. Worked well right up until I sold the car two+ years later... and the guy that bought it then promptly crashed it...

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