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Strange slave clutch seal issue (Dolomite 1300)


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Hi all

I have over the past few days,been repairing the dolomite 1300,the clutch master cylinder seals went... completely,was losing pressure straight away,each time the clutch was-de-pressed. so... ordered the part i needed from rimmer bro's... the main seal that actually moves up and down the bore was the wrong one - looked the same etc,but when we bled the clutch and pressure began to retrun to the pedal,i quickly noticed that their was lots of fluid pooring out through the bulkhead... (the bore was fine,nothing wrong with it) so.. my grandad nips home,comes back with some original ford cortina lucas clutch reseal kits, and one he pulled out was such a snug fit! was brilliant! sealed perfectly (much better than the new seal aimed for the job) so.. bled it up,went out.. lost pressure,came back,stuck on the ramps had a look. Slave cylinder's leaking.. so takes that off,has a look thinks right ok"good job i bought a new re-seal kit for the slave too then" so... takes it aparts,has a look... "thin type seal inside" and rimmers has the "bigger,fatter types"

Look on rimmers site - in the photos - I have the 1300/1500 clutch slave cylinder(the clamp type).. which "should take" the fatter rounder type seal... but I found this didn't fit at all! way too big! but when you look under the 1850/2.0 "LOCKHEED" type,the seal i have originally removed is there (the very thin shallow bore seal)

Could this be an error on the rimmer bros website? or what? I can't identify the part i have as it has no name eg lockheed/girling,just a part number.. but still.. it looks like the 1300-1500 type but has the lockheed 1850/2.0 type seals..

How can i confirm that the seals I need are the correct ones?


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Rob, you should've got the parts from Fitchett's. You'd have had them there the next day and their prices are competitive. I know the guy who answers the phone (you can only order by phone) comes across as a "Mr grumpy" but he knows his stuff and they accept plastic.

Welcome to this forum.

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