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Rust repairs and D type O/D problem


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I have already posted this in the GT6 section but want a bit more exposure and particularly suggestions on the D type OD problem.
went to see the 2l spitfire (see; http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/582985.htm for details)
drives very nicely, great engine (even if it has been painted yellow), proper GT6 with a Magnum 270/2 cam certainly reves well and the whole car seems very solid, paint work not great but no rot apart from two areas (see below). But there are a  couple of problems....
   The first is some corrosion on the mount areas where the rear trailing arms attach to the chassis/body, although it has a full years MOt these will need to be done for next year. Any idea what the cost of replacing the mounts are, I realise this is difficult with out seeing it but am after some ball park figures. Coming from a herald where there is a real difference betwen the chassis and body the spitrfire arrangment seems very different! I am looking for a worse case cost of getting someone to do it. The rest of the chassis and body work is very solid.
   The second problem is the O/D. its a D type that was rebuilt not very many miles ago (<4000) but it slipping. It goes in ok (so the problem is not electrical) but when you accelerate you can feel the O/D slip. BTW oil level is ok. I guess its a problem with the hydraulic system to the brake bands. As its been reconditioned I assume the bands themselves are ok.  Anyone any ideas about the cause and more importantly the cost of repair?
I really like the car, it 'feels right' its had the same owner for about 20 years and seems a good honest car and hasnt been tarted up to sell! But the O/D is a big problem. if I buy it I want to be able to pay someone to fix the O/D (at the moment I dont have the time as my herald has just blown a core plug, so its time for its new 1500 engine) and therefore want to negotiate on the price.

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Toms point is valid  was it clutch or the overdrive,with the OD 'in' you apply more torque and the main clutch could show up some weakness,
on a D type its a cone clutch not a brake band, was it reconditioned by a known specialist  like OD spares or similar or was it messed around by unknown expert,,  there are a number of things that are checkable but if its  mechanical actuationproblems  then a strip down is needed
to check springs and thrust races and linnings,  there are checks you can do extenally
like solenoid travel and pump output   if that helps  peter

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