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Manual steering rack clamps...


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Hello Jim,

I answered anD I think I got mine from Chris Witor, certainlyy it wasn't from E Bay but it's a while back.

However I re drilled the crossmember so that the clamps are hard against the stops, as I didn'y like the gap using the original holes.


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I've only ever had problems with a rack in competition. Even on solid mounts if not really firmly bolted down the rack can move enough so that the pinch bolt in the UJ jams against the body. Usual resulting in ever decreasing circles.

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Assuming that you have the original clamps in good shape (check threads carefully - often damaged) then I would say use them with poly bushes and make sure they are tensioned properly.

If you use the solid clamps, I strongly recommend you get them Chris Witor (machined from decent solid billet) and fit something between them and the rack plates so they can't slide.  I've used jubilee clips in the past which also serve to hold the anti-rattle button on the N/S (wrap some rubber strip around first).


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