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Fuel Problems with Repro Pumps


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Hi Folks,

          I've had this problem recur a couple of times and thought I had fixed it but I got caught out with it again yesterday.

In the top cover of the mechanical fuel pump there are two Non-Return Valves (NRV's)

One of these valves is not fitted tight enough and originally dropped down and sat on the diaphragm - easily sorted IF you know whats happening.

I had peened the surround of the hole to lock the valve in place and also fitted a retaining washer - but the cunning blighter still escaped.



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Hi Tony,

            it is over 20 years old so I think the warranty has expired.

Some faults on these repro parts do not show themselves too quickly.

The repair I have carried out is engineered 😉 not bodged🙁 but I am capable of a good bodge or two.



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Hi Tim/Colin,

         I'm happy with the older technology and I'm happy with most repro parts.

Annoyingly they can and do go pop. But then one has the opportunity to improve the 

cheapo part.

I defy this bl**dy pump to fail again.




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