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No output from alternator


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Hi all. This is just something to consider when changing the bulbs in the warning light cluster or more specifically the ignition warning light. I changed the bulbs recently but discovered a little later that the battery wasn't charging and the ignition light was staying on. The wire from the alternator to the ignition warning light requires enough current to start the alternator working as it is connected to the field coils. Once the alternator is working it generates its own power to operate and regulate the field coils. My problem was that the bulb I fitted was of a higher resistance than the old bulb which would restrict the current and produce a voltage drop of sorts. It measured about 30 ohms whilst the original is about 10. Anyway refitting an old bulb restored operation. I didn't suss this straightaway I had to research a few circuit diagrams and read about alternator theory! This may be obvious to some of you so this post is for those like me who usually create another problem when dealing with the first!

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