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overdrive assessment


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I've got an A-Type and 'box turning up and was wondering how to assess the state it's in. Gearbox is pretty easy - take the top off and have a good nose and feel. But I've never played with an overdrive so what can I do? I plan to clean all the filters etc (I'll need new gaskets or something?) but what else is there I can do or is it a case of sending it off to a specialist. And if so, what' a ballpark figure for what they'd charge?

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If the gearbox seems OK, stick it in.

You can (just about) remove an A-type from the back of the gearbox in situ, and after the grief of taking the whole box in and out it was easier in my view.

Befroe putting the gearbox it, make sure you go through all the setup bits on the solenoid operating lever etc. It is an a**e when the box is in the car.

Make sure you have an assistant when swapping the gearbox.



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