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Special tools for Metering Unit

Reg Barton

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Hi all - My mechanic and I are working to sort out the lumpy idle, poor vacuum and over-richness of my PI.  It has had most things done - including a new injection metering unit, new injectors, re-built head and endless fiddling with the throttle bodies.  Steve at Ken Mills Injection has suggested weakening off the metering unit, and has been helpful in explaining how to do this - but it looks like it needs special tools.  Does anyone know if the club has a set for loan/hire, or have any other suggestions?

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While I'm a Pi fan, I've never been brave enough to fiddle with the internals of thre metering unit, esp. the cam!
So I should be cautious saying this, but in theory, I think adjustment needs only spanners and screwdrivers.

Do you have the "Red Book", Lucas' own Pi manual?
It's online at: http://www.lucasinjection.com/Lucas%20Mk2%20manual%20page%203%20CONTENTS.htm
Or my copy, a facsimile, I bought from Mr.Crisp at the Wheatsheaf Press: http://www.wheatsheafprint.co.uk/

AND, the Lucas Pi Fault cards: http://chinn.blogspot.com/2008/05/lucas-pi-fault-card-6.html (thanks to Jason Chinn!)


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I highly recommend before anyone with a PI spends to much money on tuning, do the obvious and ensure all the mechanicals (injectors pump metering unit etc etc are perfect, then get an oxygen sensor fitted to the exhaust down pipe with a cheap meter inside.
Then you need to get driving and record as many conditions as possible, cruise, acceleration etc. Sit down with this data and the Lucas PI manual and you should be able to figure out exactly which way the cam should move.
The easiest way is to then remove the metering unit and adjust on the bench with feeler gauges. Refit, retest, remove again etc.
It is the only way to be accurate and is heaps of fun!!!
You will always have the exhaust meter for your other cars too

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