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Dyeing vinyl (door cards)

Ian Perry

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Hi all,

MOY's interior looks a bit tired and I'm just looking at prices for a new carpet set to replace the very threadbare/torn original, but while I'm on it I was thinking about the slightly uneven door cards, 3/4 panel cards and parcel shelf.

The four cards themselves are pretty much irreplaceable; thankfully they aren't scratched or torn, but they are a bit faded in places and I wondered if anyone has any experience of trying to dye/re-colour the vinyl material?

Grateful for any thoughts...

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Not done door cards but very succesfully used specific vinyl paint on roof lining and sun visors applying it by brush. As yours is smooth it would probably be better done with rattle cans.
Ive found it to be flexible with no cracking etc and resistant

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Thanks, folks - TBH I was hoping that something like the liquid shoe polish would do the trick. Comparing that with spray/bush paint, I was hoping that there would be something that soaks in a bit, as that should be pretty robust.

Good point about being a little sparing with it, the stuff spreads like billy-oh whenever I use it on my shoes!

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I used Vinylkote when I restored 't Kreng in the mid 90's and the parts coated with it are still nice black (they were tan).
So I'd say highly recommended. Also used in on certain parts (mainly plastic) when I restored my TR7 DHC.

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