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Temperature gauge not working...


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Hey all 🙂

As per usual, my PI has thrown up a fault the day after the MoT - it has a wicked sense of humour!

The temperature gauge was working fine up until yesterday afternoon, now it does not move from beneath Cold.

How do I test:

- the temperature sender in the thermostat housing?
- the temperature gauge whilst in situ?

Voltmeter, rev counter and fuel gauge are fine, so I'm assuming it's not the voltage stabiliser.

Thank you 😉

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The last report I had from the new owner (not so new now, if he even still has it) was that it was "bloody brilliant" and "goes like the clappers" (it did).  He'd done quite alot of miles and bought it some presents.  I can only conclude that it was me it didn't like.....  I don't often miss it.


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I think that looks very smart. Not sure I've seen one that colour before. Minilites go well with it too.

My parents had a green L reg 2.5pi estate (NPA 633L) - it was not a great success. Injection system was a nightmare, and as a heavily loaded estate it was horribly bouncy at the back.

Steve S

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