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Quoted from Alex

This company will also recondition almost any starter, dynamo or alternator
I used them all the time when i had my garage. I also went to school with one of the directors.
A very good company to use
Cheers, Tony.

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Quoted from Nick Jones
IIRC there is room even for the larger pre-engaged version - when it's in place - it's getting it in and out that's the tricky bit.  The inertia ones are easier but not sure which saloons they were fitted to - if any?


Mk1 2000 I seem to remember?

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I still use the original inertia starter on my rally 2000, lighter than the pre engaged and starts my hi compression lump. You can easily get them on and off with the extractor manifold. Ive been through three in just over ten years. Dont usually fail just get a bit sluggish and draw too much current when they're on the way out.

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I have a inertia starter on my saloon that has a Phoenix 6>3>1 manifold on and yes, one has to take the exhaust off to get the started in/out.

My GT6 has a Japanese starter and a Pheonix 6>3>1 manifold and it is poss to wriggle the starter in/out.

What ever type NIck uses, make sure he heat insulates the starter wiring.

Have a look at the Canley site, Dave used to do a kit to convert most Japanese starters.

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Quoted from RedRooster
Have Canley set up & certainly helped with a new tight engine. Also have a Denso i bought off the internet which looks identical but turns the other way!
Thats free to anyone who wants it if i can find it.


If the starter runs the wrong way? it might be off an early fwd with the exposed ring gear? That runs the wrong way

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