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replacing wheel stud


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is it as simple as it looks, just knock the old oen out and put the new one in ?

one of mine threaded a couple of days ago, either that or the nut, the replacement should be here today. any tips i need to know ? its front passenger side.

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yamaha_fizzy wrote:
cheers, Dave its cheap to do aswell, less than 30 quid should get you a car set of studs and nuts from canleys. i ordered a stud and nut just to make sure i could get the job done in one go.

More like £50 -£60
£2.44 per stud  £39 for 16.
plus the nuts about £20

James Paddocks
£25 set of studs
£1.25 per nut
I think paddock prices are plus vat
Which puts them to about the same as canleys

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Dave, may be worth fitting the 12mm stuff? but will need a hole in the brake backplate as they are a bit longer too. May need to remove the front hubs, but not a huge pain, plus the studs are huge in comparison.
Pricewise about the same (or maybe cheaper) than the 3/8 stuff.

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