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Leaf Springs difficult to get hold of, really!

Vitesse 200

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Is anybody else having immense difficulty getting hold of what I thought would be a pretty available part?

I had leaf springs from one major parts supplier, but since fitting last year the car has had real difficulty at the back end, not helped by the tracking being left out. But after I had the dapers replaced the camber looked very wrong. I lived with it for a while but this spring (excuse it) I decided to have it looked at. Yes the camber was positive and the rest of the suspension looked fine - conclusion the Leaf spring is either too long or the tension is wrong.

I rang round looking for a new leaf spring, and was told by one reputable and experience triumph specialist that the major parts suplier was sourcing parts from India and manufacture was suspect! Well I though...  Having paid for the back end to be rebuilt once I was now going to have to get a new leaf spring (not from India) and have it dismantled and built again, joy.  :-/

But here I am nearly 2 months later, having been to two triumph specialist, who seem to be waiting on a maufacturer in Sheffielf, to obtain stell from a rolling mill before they even start to produce the leaf spring!

ANY IDEAS.... Any body else experienced or come across the parts quality and supply problem. Anybody know where I can get a quality spring NOW, as the summer seems to be fast slipping away.

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Make sure you get the correct spring, Mk1 & Mk2 Rear Springs are not the same.

I have had similar issues with the Quality of the Foreign manufactured springs :(

If you've got a Mk2 Car I have a secondhand original Spring that is to the factory dimensions, just send me a PM, I don't want a lot for it?



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Thanks Guy's, Canley Classic's are at the moment waiting for an order to be made, the steel is in the rolling mill. Problem Is I don't have the facilities personally to get the spring off and mess about with it, so am relient on a garage to do the work and clearly they would want the job in an out. Looks like I'm going to have to wait for autumn and Canley classics unless I can find another source.

I'm really just surprised after what is now 12 years of ownership and maintenance that a part like a leaf spring is starting to be difficult to source. And as for suppliers providing shoddy goods I really don't want to start thinking about the cost that the brothers have caused me!!

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Very good point chris211083, I could'nt recommend Chic Doig highly enough. Last time I got a part it was a solinoid, it was still on the car when we were talking on the phone and they were checking it over and next day it was with me, complete with salvaged cat food box as packaging - efficiency and value.

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redoxideVit wrote:
I wish someone would make a lower/decambered version like the old TT/SAH ones,i tried three or four new springs including the Courier versions,all were far too high with horrendous positive camber and handling.

I've had the Opposite trouble with the rear Springs on my Vitesse, to soft and to low :-/

Just Hope the Original one I've rebuilt will solve the problem, when I can find time to fit it!

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